When I perform the healing work I simply close my eyes and with the power of our minds I focus on the person in a healing context, and I always say that the healing will be done by the Will of God. This is the basic mental process involved when I send the healing - no physical tools are involved. Being a spiritual healer you are a conduit of the divine healing energy, and your job is basically to establish a soul link to the person who wants to receive healing. The healing power is not in the spiritual healer - but merely a conductor of the healing energy between the "divine energy" and the person to be healed. Since the healing is based on this mental/spiritual connectivity between the healer and the healee, time and distance has no meaning. People sometimes ask us how sending healing over a long distance is possible, and that is a short-handed explanation.

Sometimes I am able to receive information about a certain healing in terms of visions, feelings or messages. I will of course relay any information I gather psychically to the person I send healing to.

The purpose of this Website is simple and pure - I want to use my healing gift to help people around the world via the Internet. People with illnesses who are looking for alternative methods of treatment are welcome to request a free healing. I accept healing requests for physical illness or disability and/or mind-related "dysfunctions".

My conscience tells me that it would be wrong to charge money to perform the healing, because I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity for healing no matter if you are rich or poor. I feel very lucky and privileged that I can help people in need without charging money.

Are you hesitant and having a hard time to believe that healing is real, or perhaps you would like to know how I have helped people in the past with healings? Hopefully the page of testimonials will make is easier for you to believe in the power of healing.

Once I receive your email request for healing I will give you the necessary details in order to perform the distant healing. The healing session only takes about 30 mins and during that time the person to be healed should be fully relaxed and/or meditate.